Web Hosting

High Performance Web Hosting

Radius Media believes in being a complete solutions provider for our clients. Our relationship with our clients extends beyond the traditional web development process to hosting and site management. To this end we offer both regular web hosting and co-location services.

Our in-house hardware and IT team makes sure that the applications, system management and security on our servers are monitored at all times to allow our clients to focus on growing their online business.

Our server farm contains the latest web servers with the following minimum configurations :

Dual PIII 500 + MhZ
256 + MB PC100 RAM
Dual 9GB Ultra-Wide SCSI
Raid V Backup

The web servers run dual SCSI, Raid V drive configurations. Should a hard drive fail at any time, the backup system can replace the data onto a fresh hard drive within minutes.

Specific software running on our servers include :

Windows NT Server 4.0
Internet Information Server 4.0
Active Server Pages
SQL Server
Visual InterDev
Drumbeat 2000
Cold Fusion 4.0 Professional Server
Service Pack 6.0a
MDAC 2.1x