Mobile Application Development

mobile app design company
mobile app design company
mobile app design company

We create products by being your partners

RM believes that a successful mobile app can be built only when we become a part of your business. We take your core values and build a mobile app that is scalable, saleable and most of all profitable. If you partner with us, we will be building something extraordinary for you.

Over the past 20 years, we have been in the digital development industry, the last 5 years has turned around the world of digital products and the way it can change the way you do business. The growth of this industry and the everyday inventions intrigues us the most. We have had a long time to set a process that is easy and we promise a successful app that redefines you in the marketplace.

Our Process
Project scoping
Before we start with negotiations and documentation, we do a comprehensive scoping of your project and fully understand the purpose of it. We want to know it upside down by the end of the scoping process. Our aim here is to understand the requirements exactly. This is a collaborative process where our team of builders and concept creators would be joining hands with you.
Once we are a hundred percent sure as to how the process would pan out we then move to the next part of the process.

Budget and timeline
We don’t want you to worry about anything after you have given us your requirements. So, we have the most simple process when it comes to budgeting. We bring the best functionality and features for the budget that has been set. Everything is laid out to you in a smooth manner before we start the actual building. This can avoid any confusion in the future.

We kickstart the process by in style by creating visual guides that constitute the groundwork for the app. This wireframe that analyzes now is going to serve as the blueprint to the n-number of screens, graphics, functions and pop-ups that are to be incorporated into the app.

High fidelity prototypes
As soon as the prototype is done, we breathe life into the blueprint that we had created earlier. This prototype will include all the elements that are going to appear in the finished product.

Pixel-perfect product prototype testing
We believe in making your products in a that is logical, perfect and state-of-the-art. This is why we work keenly on each and every screen closely. After creating the prototype we use it to determine where and how each screen is going to sync with each other and the logic behind each screen.

This is the immediate phase before programming and it defines how the end product would look in the hands of the user.

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  • We will have the schematics of the entire app with us before starting the programming phase. We will explain the schematics of the product to you by proving the NFP to you. This way, you would be able to give it a thorough study. Once you give the final nod we will transfer the blueprints to our mobile app builders.

    We program the app
    It’s time to apply do of the RM magic and bring your app to life. We get our team of developers familiarized with your goals and handover the scoping reports to them. We put our best men to work and build the backbone of your app using the suitable tech. We continually access the work in progress, recite it with you and make changes if any, then and there. The codes that run the backend and the sources of your app will now be ready.

    During the programming stage itself, we take a number of quality assurance steps in order to avoid any mishaps. At this stage, we only make the product ready to be launched as an efficient-running app. We run the programed app through a series of stress tests to ensure that it is running in the way it was planned.

    We would also expose the program to a subset of the audience and ask them to test it out in order to make it as user-friendly as possible. Our aim is to make it ready for the world to benefit as soon as it is released.

    We will travel with you while the product is begging positioned in the market. Our job is not done yet, we will be right with you to rectify any and all glitches that might occur even after the launch of the product.

    Our mobile app development team in Louisville are enthusiastic and creative people who are capable of building products for iPhones, iPads, and Android platforms. Several of our Mobile apps are now top ranking apps in the iOS app store as well as google play store.

    We have built mobile commerce apps, personal bots, website chatbots, IoT apps, logistics apps, for industries such as hospitality, FMCG, online shopping, fintech, real estate, educational and travel.