Taekwondo is one of the newest olympic sports, and is the world’s most popular form of martial art. Taekwondo focuses on these key components: breathing, rhythm, balance, concentration, hand and foot techniques, power, energy generation and confidence.

Choong Sung Taekwondo is a WTF Olympic-style school. However, unlike many schools who focus only on sparring, we are also concerned with Taekwondo as an art. Therefore, our focus is holistic: sparring, self-defense, mind/spirit, and Poomsae (forms) are all given equal weight. So whether your goal is to become a World Champion, to build Discipline or Focus, to become Healthier, or to learn to Defend yourself and your loved ones, Choong Sung Taekwondo will help you on your path! We offer a fun, safe and challenging program to fit your individual needs, whatever they may be.


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