Custom Software Development


We’ve all wondered at some point if there’s a software that feels right, just for us. Completelyuser-friendly, and one that you never have any hassle with. Most have probably spent hours scouring the Web for the perfect software, with little success. We at Radius Media have the perfect solution for you, with our custom-made software. As popular web designers, we also offer software development that caters to all your functional needs as a company.


Why should you opt for our custom-made websites over off-the-shelf software that’s easier to obtain? Here’s why:

Since our software is made for you, you don’t have to depend on any third-party organizations. No subscription fees, no membership hassles; just you and your software.

As a web design company, we understand that your software needs to be best suited to your requirements. No matter how specific your needs, we will look into it to develop software that fits the bill perfectly

Every company begins with the aspirations to grow bigger and better.. With our custom-made software, you can adjust the scale of operations and other parameters as and when needed. In short, your software scales parallelly to your company.

You never need to worry about security issues or data being compromised when you’re running our custom-made software. It is designed specifically for internal-use within your organization, effectively nullifying the chances of any intrusions.

When you raise a request with Radius Media for custom software, rest assured, you’re getting bang for your buck. Not only that, we make sure you’re part of the process from start to finish.

Our Custom Software Development Services

Application Maintenance

Comprehensive application maintenance and optimization services to ensure scalability, performance, and sustainability of software systems as your business grows.


We provide on-demand software programmers for businesses in need of senior-level developers with specific technology expertise and industry specialized experience.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We analyze and implement data backup and recovery strategies to ensure the continuity of your business environment by automating plus maintaining mission critical processes and data.

Software Security

We assess and protect networks, servers, and applications against potential security threats including viruses, worms, injections, hackers, and internal breaches.

Custom Application Development

We rely on our technological expertise and specialized industry experience to develop any type of web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid app per your business requirements.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Although QA and testing services are built-in to our software development services model, we provide on-demand quality assurance and performance testing of all applications.

A Complete Team Effort

Custom software development is an extensive process that requires careful attention to detail, every step of the way. Like most other web design services, it is a journey that is punctuated by our dedication and your complete satisfaction

We believe in connecting with you and building a mutual vision with regards to the software. Through our pre-project sessions, we finalize all the parameters that are associated with the project, from budget to schedule. We proceed only when you’re 100% on board with our brief.

Roadmap: We flesh out a structure based on the parameters as requested by you. These will be the foundation on which we will code your software. We take extra care to discern that the plan is airtight and immune to error before proceeding.

Coding: Through careful attention and meticulous checks, we code your software on a stage-by-stage basis. A major focus here is to ensure that your personal touches and tweaks are embedded properly for flawless function. Radius Media doesn’t leave you high and dry once we deliver the product.

To ensure that the software is in top working condition and is of full service to you, we provide ample customer support to you, even post-release. It is this concise attention and attitude that has earned us a name as a top website design and development company in the USA.

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    The Power Of Choice, Made Universal

    If you look at the big picture in the corporate world, custom software development is only availed by the large MNCs and chains. We at Radius Media hope to bridge that divide. No matter whether you are a big multi-million dollar company, or an up-and-coming startup, we’ve got just what you need in terms of custom software.

    This is facilitated thanks to our flexible budgets and schedules. We offer rates that accommodate YOUR needs, based on the software you request.

    In the spirit of progress, we’re also constantly learning from the software we design. Each project is unique and offers great scope for us to monitor and reflect on how we can streamline our process even further, to make customer experience smooth.

    Custom software offers you a world of possibilities on a digital platter. There are myriad ways you can personalize it so that you get the most function out of it, over the long term. As one of the top web development agencies in the country, our promise of quality and complete customer satisfaction stand rock solid. Get in touch with us to get your own software, the Radius way.